Residents’ well-being starts from detailed building design, all the way through to our in-depth management strategy taking account of physical, social and mental well-being. Our management strategy also carefully considers the safety and well-being of our residents and guarantee industry-leading hygiene and cleanliness, fully certified by Public Health England


The physical

A comfortable and controllable physical environment (thermal, air, natural light, sound); Easy and direct access to amenities (for exercise/fitness); Connection to nature (including growing spaces)


The social

Diverse spaces of social exchange; Development of bonds through collaboration; a Comfortable and social working environment; Access to networks for support and care


The mental (enrichment/mindfulness)

Restorative spaces, opportunities to recover and recuperate; Access to opportunities for learning, training, self-improvement and personal development (including lifelong learning); Supportive facilities or amenities of Care


Our residents will get to nourish their mind and body with high-quality facilities, a dedicated well-being studio and a busy events programme including:​ gym studio with circuit & weight classes; yoga & pilates classes; guided group meditation sessions; group sharing & talking circles; terraces, herb gardens & breakout spaces; lectures, seminars & debates; cooking classes; brunch & supper clubs; charity projects and sports clubs