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Fifth State is a Real Estate platform committed to delivering sustainable living solutions in urban locations which respond to how generation rent wants to live, interact and work. Resident well-being is fundamental to the way we design our buildings, as Fifth State spaces adapt to the desire for flexible, accessible, and meaningful community-based living.

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Our thoughtfully designed Co-Living and Student Accommodation products cater to neurodiversity, recognising that individuals have diverse physical and emotional needs. We offer a wide range of high-quality accommodation options that empower residents with choice, fostering positive mental health and well-being. 


All inclusive rent (no hidden fees), flexible tenancy lengths and an extensive selection of on-site amenity spaces. 

Our co-living product is designed to achieve the perfect balance between comfort, functionality and a sense of home. Simply put, our Co-Living apartments make the most efficient use of space without compromising on the essentials.

A resident's Co-Living apartment will typically include:


  • 4ft double bed with underneath storage 

  • A small kitchenette including a fridge and hob 

  • Circa 3 sqm storage space 

  • A seating area for eating and working

  • An area to relax; soft seating located centrally to the room 

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Co-living amenity spaces are an extension of the home. From cooking and eating facilities, to workspaces, well being facilities and games rooms, a fully comprehensive offering is designed to cater to our residents every need. 

This style of renting gives residents the option to utilise both private and shared spaces  with a network of great people living under the same roof. We strive to create inclusive spaces that reflect the importance of identity, feeling of ownership and community.

Co-living with Fifth State means unparalleled access to state of the art amenities on your doorstep and a 24/7 professionally managed product where our resident's can say good riddance to dealing with an unresponsive landlord or management team. 

Our emphasis on carefully crafted amenities is rooted in our belief that renting should never be a reluctant choice to compromise the quality of your experience. That's why we're raising the bar for generation rent.


We prioritise the thoughtful design of private and shared spaces to create a sense of community and foster connections amongst neighbours through site-specific Community Investment Programmes (CIP) that are shaped by the local community. Our mission is to curate an environment that you can truly be proud to call home.

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Fifth State Student accommodation is always delivered in locations with excellent public transport links, providing quick and easy door to door journey times to and from key Universities.  


As well as being delivered to an impressive specification, our student typologies include generous private and shared amenity areas. 


  • Designed to accommodate a double bed, and includes an en-suite, kitchenette, wardrobe and desk, along with shelving and storage

En-suite cluster rooms

  • Shared accommodation (cluster flats) are proposed in the form of 2 - 8 bedroom apartments with en-suite rooms and a dedicated shared kitchen, dining and living space

  • En-suite rooms typically include a 3/4 double bed, en-suite, wardrobe and desk, along with shelving and storage

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Our student amenity areas are designed to serve a variety of functions, from workspace, social, cinema and well being facilities. 

Congruent with the Fifth Sate ethos, amenities integrated throughout our student developments aim to encourage social interaction, provide residents with a sense of ownership and prioritise well being. 

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